According to a study by Estée Lauder, over 90% of women wear the wrong shade of liquid foundation.  Most makeup brands offer between 20-30 shades, but what about the many women whose skin tones fall in between?  In under 3 minutes, AllOfUs Cosmetics breaks the color barriers of buying liquid foundation with our Color BFF (blend friendly foundation) photo booth technology.

It's not the closest shade, it's your shade.



Skin color is like a thumbprint - each one is unique.  Step into Color BFF and get a custom color match of your choice liquid foundation in under 3 minutes. Shopping for liquid foundation will no longer be an expensive guessing game.  Our distinguished color scientist and founder, Christina Wang, has developed a trade secret algorithm more accurate than the human eye for a superior color match to your skin tone.  Color BFF technology can profile any existing line of liquid foundation and determine which six shades can be blended to match up to 99.7% of the population, so there is a perfect match for everyone. 

Because every woman is unique and deserves to be celebrated.



For AllOfUs Cosmetics, inclusivity is key.  Another challenge when shopping for liquid foundation is finding the best product to complement your skin type.  Color BFF gives you a selection of several brands, allowing you to color match the product that's best for you.  We know it’s not just about looking your best, it’s about feeling your best inside and out.

AllOfUs hope to give All Of You the confidence to conquer the day.




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